SportIQ was founded by Erik Schutzler who was very dissatisfied with the existing pain-relief cream options on the market. Most pain relief creams take longer than 10 minutes to provide relief, and contain harsh chemicals that can damage the skin. Having dealt with an autoimmune disease which has caused muscle & joint pain his entire life - he knew there had to be a better solution.

SportIQ Pain Relief Cream is the first product launch (of many to come) as we seek to enable athletes of all ages to continue playing the sports they love. Our fast-acting pain relief cream has already become one of the leading plant-based pain relief creams used by athletes across all sports to quickly and effectively cure soreness and pain related to injuries. 

Specifically formulated for athletes, SportIQ provides maximum strength pain relief that penetrates the skin to provide lasting soothing benefits. 

Our products are Made in the USA with premium plant-based ingredients. 

Safety is our top priority. Our products are paraben-free, cruelty free, and use natural plant-based ingredients.